Podcast Collaborations

I’ve had the privilege to guest star on different podcasts! See below for podcasts I’ve collaborated with!

Can I Ask You a Question? Podcast

December 31, 2020: “Is it easier to change our expectations or reality? – Kaytie Ohashi”

Adam and I chat about the concept of ‘happiness = reality – expectations,’ and whether it’s easier for us to change our reality or expectations (for example, if you’re unhappy at work, is it better for you to get a new job or to try to find more appreciation for your current job).

The Cogan Conversation Podcast

January 4, 2021: “No. 30 – Kaytie Ohashi”

Allan and I discuss our thoughts on education, the current virtual climate amid COVID-19 and how my office has adapted to help students in these trying times.

The Prince of Fresh Air Podcast

January 13, 2021: “Real Time with Kaytie Ohashi”

Percy and I discuss the college admissions scandal, student loan debate, the event that happened at the Capitol building, and more.

Soundtrack Your Life Podcast

February 15, 2021: “Aladdin (2014) w/ Kaytie Ohashi of The Wonderful World of Disney Villains Podcast”

Ryan and I talk about the Broadway adaptation of the 1992 Disney’s Aladdin movie. I also reminisce about watching the Aladdin TV show and my experience seeing Aladdin on Broadway (in New York and Seattle).

Rights & Wrongs: Rights, Privileges, and Misconceptions Podcast

March 2, 2021: “Community Colleges & Higher Education with Kaytie Ohashi”

George and I discuss our experiences working in community colleges. We talk about accreditation, gap years, college success tips, and so much more.

The Janchi Show

March 3, 2021: “028 // Kaytie Ohashi + Crown’s Mychew!”

The Janchi Show hosts (Nathan, Patrick, and KJ) and I talk about my upbringing as a Korean American adoptee, participating in Korean adoptee camps and conferences, lifelong friendships, returning to Korea, and my podcast (The Wonderful World of Disney Villains). We also try Crown’s Apple flavored Mychew.

Black and Yellow

March 11, 2021: “Do We Really Need To Go To College?”

Alana and I are kicking off an entire month of episodes about education. I am in the co-host hot seat while Alana finds a new, permanent co-host (which could be me). We talk about if college is necessary, the pros and cons of college experiences and degrees, and if not going to college was a thought we were allowed to have.


April 28, 2021: Episode 3: Student Success Coaching, Disney Villains, and Pierce College Resources

Hosts Niki and Tony and I talk about my work as a Student Success Coach at Pierce College, resources for college students, how I almost became a CPS social worker, and my work with my Disney podcast.

Higher Education

May 22, 2021: “Don’t Call Yourself a Villain if You’re Gonna Use a Freeze Ray to Freeze Monuments, That Doesn’t Do Anything to Anyone. Get Original!”

The Higher Education hosts and I talk about everything Disney villains! Who they are, who we love to hate, and more.

The Game of Nerds

June 1, 2021: “Cruella & Disney Villains”

Fellow mom Shannon and I talk about Disney villains in The Game of Nerds first ever podcast episode about Disney. In the episode I talk about my history with Disney villains, Disney villain characters, parodies and live action Disney movies, and the next generation Disney villains.

Books, Movies, and Musicals! Oh, My!

September 10, 2021: “A Whole Lotta Disney Ep. 1 – ‘I Only Wished to Have a Coat Made Out of Puppies!’ feat. Kaytie (101 Dalmations)”

Hosts Colleen and Karen and I discuss the Disney animated movie 101 Dalmatians.

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