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Aladdin on Broadway w/Special Guest Jonathan Freeman The Wonderful World of Disney Villains

Hello everyone! Today’s episode is with special guest Jonathan Freeman aka the voice of Jafar from the 1992 animated Aladdin movie (as well as the Return of Jafar movie, Aladdin video games, etc.).  This is part 2 of 2 with Jonathan talking about the animated Aladdin movie (part 1) and the Aladdin Broadway musical (this episode!).  Follow Jonathan Freeman on Instagram @thejonathanfreeman Get your own personalized video from Jonathan on Cameo: https://www.cameo.com/jonathanfreeman    Time Stamps: 00:00 – 00:55 Intro 00:55 – 04:58 Most challenging part about playing Jafar on Broadway 04:58 – 13:47 The magic tricks in Aladdin Broadway musical History of creating the Aladdin Broadway musical 13:47 – 17:06 Advice on what to do when you lose your voice 17:06 – 27:47 Memorable broadway performance nights First night previews / opening night in New York Stage accidents Moments with Don Darryl Rivera (DDR) 27:47 – 34:49 Broadway princess party tour, Broadway party concerts and off Broadway productions 34:49 – 43:36 Jafar is a demanding character that requires Jonathan’s full attention 43:36 – 47:19 Plans for the future, reminiscing about broadway experience 47:19 – 51:54 Other fond memories with Don Darryl Rivera (DDR) while performing Aladdin on Broadway  51:54 – 01:03:50 Working collaboratively with Broadway creators, craftspeople, and professionals 01:03:50 – 01:09:52 Advice on pursuing acting Jonathan shares moments from his personal life 01:09:52 Ending End music: The Future Bass by Music_Unlimited from Pixabay   You can find the podcast online: Website: http://www.wonderfulworldofdisneyvillains.com  Instagram: @wwofdisvillains Kaytie’s Instagram: @disvillainsscholar
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