Disney Villain Podcast Episodes to Listen to

A bit of a misleading title but while I was on hiatus (which I do realize I forgot to mention before leaving) I was a guest on two podcasts, Higher Education and The Game of Nerds, talking about Disney villains.

While you’re waiting for new episodes of The Wonderful World of Disney Villains podcast check out my guest appearances on the following podcasts and episodes.

The Higher Education podcasts has nothing to do with higher education (aka college) but everything to do with geeking out on topics others may find useless or pointless. I chatted with the co-hosts of the Higher Education podcast on my love for Disney villains and my opinion on the live action remakes. There’s also another episode about Star Wars to check out, if interested. I’m not in it but it’s Disney.

The Game of Nerds podcast is a place for fandoms to go to learn about other fandoms while also geeking out about their own. I am the first episode talking about Disney and I was so excited to talk to fellow mom Shannon and geek out together about Disney movies and characters. Shannon asked me about my history with Disney villains, parodies and next generation Disney villains, and more.

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